At Turiya Consulting, we are results-driven. Below are testimonials from clients and collaborators who have benefited from our consultancy and coaching.

Dana Mago

M2H Design Studio - Junior Architect

"Seeing Mr. Yousif's work ethics in person has taught me a lot of things. He is very committed to the job which is truly impressive and has a systematic way of handling creative works and thought processes..."

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David Copland

Bayan Medical - Operations Manager

“The coaching I received from Yousef was most valuable in aiding me in understanding various business aspects, tools, and dependencies within a project. Providing an overview of the project at any time..."

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Dina Alsaadi

Incites Communications - Consultant

“Working with Yousef was a pleasure. During our collaboration in both ACICO and Bayan Medical Company, Yousef consistently displayed exceptional qualities that have left a lasting impression on me..."

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Faisal Khazal

Weber Shandwick - Country Director

"Working with Yousef has been a pleasure, from the moment we were brought on board to handle communications for Bayan Dental we knew that we were in capable hands..."

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Gener Reyes

M2H Design Studio - Senior Architect

"I am delighted to share my experience working with Yousef on our architectural project. Their profound knowledge, keen insights, and unwavering dedication to providing professional counseling have..."

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Hanan Zubaid

Marketing Director - Volvo Kuwait

"I was going through a tough time in my life. Many changes and challenges were waving towards me. I felt I needed that extra clarity and support to make the right decisions and feel calmer and more collected, and Yousef..."

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Jassim AlSaddah

Babnimnim Design Studio - Creative Director

"Collaborating on the customer journey's brand experience was a refreshing endeavor, particularly in our GCC region. Mr. Alnafisi's keen attention to detail and adept management skills in establishing a connection with Bayan Dental Clinic's..."

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Jumana Vir

SOS HR Consultants - General Manager

"Designing & implementing a comprehensive HR restructuring project curated by SOS HR Solutions for Bayan Dental Clinic was where our paths crossed with Yousef Al Nafisi. He was engaged with Bayan Dental Clinic as a Change Management Consultant..."

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Mohammed AlQemlas

Former Bayan Medical CEO

“Working with Mr Yousef has been an incredibly valuable experience for our organization. His guidance and expertise have had a profound impact on our corporate environment and cultural transformation..."

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Mohammed Hosny

M2H Design Studio - Architect

“ Unleashing my architectural potential ” ... "Working with this transformational coach has been an absolute game changer in my career as an architect. His exceptional guidance and unwavering support..."

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Mohammed Khesroh

Architect and Asst. Professor - Faculty at School of Architecture

“I have had several coaching sessions with Yousef as I was first starting out my journey in initiating my business and getting my life together. Yousef, as a consultant to several offices and companies..."

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Noorah Hadeed

M2H Design Studio - Architect & General Manager

"Yousef is a multi-experienced business operations consultant and coach who brings to the table an empathetic approach, supporting the client both professionally and on a deeper mental/emotional level..."

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