The Founder

Yousef Al Nafisi, the founder of Turiya Management Consultancy, Coaching, and Training, brings a diverse background in both business and design to his pivotal role. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Design Management from the American University of Sharjah (AUS), Yousef was among the earliest AUS graduates to obtain this pioneering degree during the early 2000s. Design Management was a trailblazing field introduced in academia, and AUS stood out as one of the few institutions globally to offer an undergraduate program in this innovative discipline. This unique program equipped students like Yousef to pursue versatile careers that spanned the realms of design, business, projects, branding or marketing. Graduates emerged as the vital bridge between creative teams and business objectives, adept at navigating both the internal dynamics of organizations and collaborating with external creative entities such as branding agencies, interior designers, and architects.

Yousef Al Nafisi's academic accomplishments extend beyond his Bachelor's in Design Management, as he earned two Master's degrees in Architecture from prestigious institutions in Barcelona and San Francisco. This international academic exposure broadened his worldview, enriching his professional outlook with a diverse and global perspective. With over twenty years of experience in various sectors such as Construction, Healthcare, Telecom, Real Estate, Academia, and Architectural Design, Yousef's unique skill set is prominently displayed. His approach to problem-solving is deeply rooted in a people-centric philosophy. Coupled with his in-depth understanding of Design Management, Yousef excels at bridging the creative and business worlds. This ability positions him as a significant figure in the dynamic realm of global business.

The Three Pillars of Expertise

Design Thinking

Yousef's background in architecture and design brings a unique perspective to problem-solving. His proficiency in design thinking allows him to approach complex challenges with creativity and innovation, leading to out-of-the-box solutions that drive meaningful change.


With a Life & Management Coaching Diploma from Mindstream, Yousef excels in the art of coaching, helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential. His coaching expertise empowers others to set and achieve personal and professional goals, fostering growth and development.

Strategic Leadership

Yousef's strategic leadership skills have been cultivated through decades of experience across various industries. His ability to formulate and execute effective strategies, make sound decisions, and inspire teams makes him a valuable asset in guiding organizations toward success.

About Turiya

Derived from ancient Indian philosophy, Turiya is the fourth state of consciousness, signifying a state of transcendence that goes beyond the conventional waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states. It represents a profound level of awareness and connectedness with one’s inner self and the broader universe.

Turiya Application in Business Settings

In the realm of management consultancy, Turiya serves as a guiding principle for organizations seeking to reach new heights of excellence. Much like Turiya transcends ordinary states of consciousness, Turiya Management Consultancy, Coaching & Training aims to elevate businesses beyond mundane practices. We harness the essence of Turiya to facilitate a deeper level of strategic thinking, fostering holistic decision-making, and promoting sustainable growth within organizations. Our mission is to assist businesses in achieving their full potential by creating an environment that encourages innovation, resilience, and transformational leadership.

Yousef possesses a creative vision that sets him apart in the professional realm. His ability to see the big picture while paying attention to intricate details is refreshing in a corporate world. He combines this visionary mindset with an impressive level of structure and adaptability, enabling him to navigate complex challenges with ease.

Dina Alsaadi

His understanding of the client’s functioning and his approach on how the new systems can be immersed into existing operations was very valuable towards the successful delivery of the project. Yousef’s dedicated approach to the transition was seen in his involvement with not just teams but with every individual as well. His past experience of working in BMC equips him with expertise in People management. Yousef comes across as a humble, approachable person, with keen eye to detail and sharp business acumen. Definitely an asset to organizations he has been part of.

Jumana Vir

Working with Mr Yousef has been an incredibly valuable experience for our organization. His guidance and expertise have had a profound impact on our corporate environment and cultural transformation. His contributions were not only helpful, but also truly insightful. His ability to explore and uncover new perspectives has opened up fresh avenues of thinking within our teams.

Mohammed Al Qemlas

I am delighted to share my experience working with Yousef on our architectural project. Their profound knowledge, keen insights, and unwavering dedication to providing professional counseling have truly set them apart. From the inception of the project, He exhibited a remarkable ability to guide and advise our team with precision and foresight. His strategic recommendations and meticulous attention to detail significantly contributed to the project's success.He not only demonstrated an in-depth understanding of architectural principles but also displayed exceptional communication skills, ensuring that complex concepts were conveyed clearly and comprehensively. His proactive approach to problem-solving and their commitment to fostering a collaborative environment truly made a positive impact on our project.

Gener Reyes

"Seeing Mr. Yousif's work ethics in person has taught me a lot of things. He is very committed to the job which is truly impressive and has a systematic way of handling creative works and thought processes.

Dana Mago