Small Business : The Design Studio


Over a two-year collaboration, The Design Studio, a small architecture firm, teamed up with Turiya to refine their design processes and client outcomes. Turiya's holistic approach brought in diverse perspectives and connected the studio with industry professionals, fostering innovative, collaborative projects. This partnership led to significant improvements in The Design Studio's project approach and client deliverables.

Turiya’s Approach

Turiya implemented a comprehensive two-year approach, seamlessly integrating coaching and the expertise needed to identify external talents suitable for specific project-based roles.

Challenges and Objectives

Design Team

The challenges centered on advancing design processes with a strong emphasis on project aesthetics. Turiya introduced alternative methodologies, focusing on simultaneously working between program function and form finding. Support included coaching the team to enhance their design approach and workflow. External talent acquisition services ensured the alignment of suitable talents for specific project-based roles

Principal Architect

Turiya optimized operational efficiency, improving task delegation, workflow, and client relations.

Achievements and Impact

Design Team

Turiya's support resulted in enhanced skills and a thoughtful design approach, effectively harmonizing form and function. Talent integration was seamlessly achieved for project-based assignments.

Principal Architect

Operational efficiency surged, enhancing project deliveries and external collaborations.

Key Learnings

This two-year partnership exemplifies Turiya's transformative potential for small businesses. Efficiency, collaboration, and excellence were the fruits of Turiya's integrated approach, complemented by support in finding external talents to fulfill specific roles for project-based assignments. Turiya worked closely with the team, offering support on how to handle clients' cases on a case-by-case basis, fostering active participation and yielding positive outcomes.