Corporate : The Medical Company

Project Overview

Amidst the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic, a prominent player in the healthcare sector partnered with Turiya Management Consultancy, Coaching, and Training. This 2-year collaboration marked the commencement of a transformative journey, driven by specific objectives: reshaping the organizational culture, elevating employee performance, streamlining operations, contemplating a strategic rebranding, and securing key positions through Turiya's headhunting services. This comprehensive approach was essential for navigating the complex landscape of change and progress.

Turiya’s Approach

Turiya's intervention was guided by a holistic philosophy, firmly rooted in both people-centric and system-level strategies. Recognizing the intricate interplay between individuals and the broader organizational structure, Turiya seamlessly integrated diverse perspectives. This approach empowered the organization to navigate the complex terrain of change and progress effectively.

Challenges and Objectives

Empowering Employee Growth

A primary challenge lay in enhancing and upskilling employees across all tiers of the organization. Turiya initiated management coaching and consultation sessions, resulting in remarkable transformations. Employees experienced heightened self-awareness, bolstered confidence, and substantial personal growth. They acquired profiteers and delegating tasks, effectively communicating with peers, and addressing internal cultural challenges. Participants in Turiya's programs tapped into their untapped potential, explored innovative solutions, shifted their mindsets, honed their communication and presentation skills, and seamlessly aligned with the company's shared project initiatives.

Strategic Transformation at the Executive Level

At the executive level, Turiya's consultation sessions with the CEO and management team were focused on prioritizing the company's major projects and annual objectives. Strategies were devised to overhaul departments, combine functions, and optimize resource utilization. External expertise was sought to assist project leaders and department heads in areas such as clinic interior design, rebranding, HR restructuring, and data systems. The post-pandemic surge in high-caliber talent presented an opportunity for the company to strategically expand its workforce.

Customer Journey & Brand Alignment

Integral to Turiya's interventions were engaging customer journey workshops that actively involved all staff members. These workshops not only broke the ice but also encouraged active participation and involvement. Assignments in between the workshops kept the momentum going, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment among the team.

Achievements and Impact

Empowering Individuals

The impact of Turiya's interventions was palpable. Employees who participated in Turiya's programs showcased heightened self-awareness, improved communication abilities, and enhanced delegation skills. Their heightened engagement with the company's vision was evident through active participation in workshops, including mind mapping and brand vision alignment. These workshops directly contributed to the annual roadmap, fostering improved planning, idea expression, and streamlined work processes. Employee performance soared, leading to remarkable progress in achieving KPIs.

Strategic Evolution at the Executive Level

The CEO and management team orchestrated the centralization and streamlining of operations, successfully achieving significant milestones. This transformation facilitated the company's transition from a single medical practice to a group-level brand, with expansion plans encompassing multiple medical practices and strategic acquisitions. Across departments, projects were completed, processes were optimized, data management was revamped, and an engaging internal community outreach program was established.

Key Learnings

This case study vividly illustrates the transformative potential of Turiya's approach. It underscores the efficacy of integrating diverse perspectives, empowering individuals, and driving enduring change and organizational advancement. The incorporation of lively customer journey workshops added a dynamic element to the transformation, fostering active engagement and a sense of ownership among all team members.