Guiding Your Path to Success

Turiya offers a range of consultation services focused on helping organizations navigate complex challenges and achieve their strategic goals. Our expertise covers two vital areas:

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Unlock Your Potential, Elevate Your Success

At Turiya, our coaching services are designed to empower individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential. We offer tailored coaching experiences that cater to specific needs and goals, encompassing two key areas:

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Empowering Your Growth Through Customized Training

At Turiya, we believe in the transformative power of education and skill development. Our training services are meticulously crafted and delivered with your unique needs in mind. We specialize in providing:

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Areas of Expertise

At Turiya, our diverse range of expertise spans various critical domains, ensuring comprehensive support for your organization's growth and success. We specialize in:

Mind Mapping:

Unleashing the power of creative thinking and problem-solving.


Cultivating effective and inspiring leadership at all levels.

Change Management:

Enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing performance.

Team Building:

Strengthening team dynamics and collaboration for peak performance.


Improving internal and external communication strategies for impact.

Brand Management:

Building and maintaining a strong brand presence and reputation.

Business Coaching:

Providing personalized coaching to drive professional and organizational growth.

Organizational Effectiveness:

Guiding organizations through seamless transitions and transformations by creating an annual roadmap.

Engagement Options

At Turiya, we offer flexibility in our engagement methods to suit your preferences and unique needs. Our support methods include:

For a hands-on, in-person experience, we can work directly at your location, ensuring a deep understanding of your organization's environment and culture  

Off-site (Turiya offices):
Choose the off-site option for a change of scenery that can be highly beneficial. This option removes individuals from their regular work environment, allowing them to gain valuable perspective and reflect on challenges and goals from a fresh, focused standpoint

In an increasingly digital world, we provide virtual consultation and training services to connect with clients no matter where they are. Our online approach ensures accessibility and convenience without compromising the quality of our support.

Collaborating on the customer journey's brand experience was a refreshing endeavor, particularly in our GCC region. Mr. Alnafisi's keen attention to detail and adept management skills in establishing a connection with Bayan Dental Clinic's (the client’s) management were instrumental in creating an exceptional project focused on the customer's experience. We valued his insightful thoughts and feedback, which ultimately led to a vibrant and innovative dental clinic design.

Jassim Al Saddah

Through his (Yousef’s) coaching sessions, he has provided us with invaluable tools and strategies to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change.

Mohammed Al Qemlas

The coaching I received from Yousef was most valuable in aiding me understand various business aspects, tools and dependencies within a project. Providing an overview of the project at any time.Found Yousef to be well experienced in one-on-one coaching or group training sessions!

David Copland

I have had several coaching sessions with Yousef, as I was first starting out my journey in initiating my business and getting my life together. Yousef, as a consultant to several offices and companies, offered practical and easy to follow instructions, recommendations and guides to help me understand what is that I am committing to.

Mohammed Khesroh

Working with this transformational coach has been an absolute game changer in my career as an architect.His exceptional guidance and unwavering support have revolutionized the way I approach my craft, enabling me to unleash my full potential and achieve remarkable growth. Making me believe there is always another way to make my designs better.

Mohammed Hosny